Tamala Station

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Tamala station is located in Western Australia and is part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Tamala and the Shark Bay areas are renowned for their camping, fishing and tourist activities year round, its a popular destination for the grey nomads to relax and enjoy the unspoiled beauty.

Tamala is an active pastoral station with a lot of history back to the late 1800’s. The limestone homestead was constructed in 1896.

We do prefer to receive bookings, especially to try and have someone at the homestead when you arrive. This is not always possible as we do have other jobs to do on the station. If we are not expecting anyone, you might find yourself in front of a locked gate for a few hours.

Our office is situated opposite the shearing shed (the large building you see when you arrive at the homestead) on the veranda of the manager’s cottage. You can pull up in front of the cottage. If you cannot see anyone, please ring the pipe bell at the beginning of the path loudly and the electronic bell left of the door.

The cost per person per night is:

$19.00 ADULT


$10.50 CHILDREN 6-16


$12.00 DAY VISIT

All prices are GST inclusive

There is a $50.00 deposit for the key, which you get back upon returning the key to the homestead.

EFTPOS & Credit Card Facilities are NOT available. Cash only.

Contact: 08 9948 3994

Email: info@tamalastation.com.au

Map & Directions

Useless loop Road