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ND5: Shark Bay Inscription 2013

General Events At Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre 55 Knight Terrace, Denham WA 6537, Australia

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Wednesday 1st January - Monday 29th March
9:00am - 4:30pm

Cost: FREE


    Shark Bay Inscription 2013 is an exhibition of stunning aerial photography produced by the Ninety Degrees Five Collective (ND5)

    Photographers: Peter Eastway, Michael Fletcher, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher and Les Walkling

Shark Bay is the first recorded landfall of a European in 1616. It is also a world heritage listed area, though its incredible biodiversity is not immediately visible, and therefore not immediately understood by 'outsiders'; at least not when viewed from level ground. But when viewed 'from above' Shark Bay reveals demarcations and boundaries that tell another story; between the bay and the ocean, between feral destruction and its regrowth/rehabitation, between European colonisation and country, between the 'lie of the land' and landscape mythology, between eternity and ourselves, and the realisation that there are other ways of mapping reality than those that dominate our everyday lives.

A selection of works from the ND5: Shark Bay Inscription 2013 exhibition is currently on display in the Rose de Freycinet Gallery at the Shark Bay Discovery & Visitor Centre and is free to view during opening hours: 9am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday and 10am until 2pm Saturdays .  


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