Shackleton: Escape from Antarctica

Past Event

In August 1914 on the outbreak of the First World War, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial trans-Antarctic Expedition sailed south from the UK aiming to be the first to cross the frozen Antarctic continent.

The 40 year-old Anglo-Irish adventurer’s bold plan would see two parties working from opposite sides of the continent. He would lead the Weddell Sea crossing party while a second Ross Sea supply party, led by Aeneas Mackintosh, would lay critical rations ahead of them.

It was an incredibly dangerous venture. Both parties were trapped by ice; both lost their ships. One party was never to touch the continent they hoped to cross. The other became marooned on it with no escape, desperately sledging through blizzard and ice to lay supplies for the leader who would never come. 

Through dramatic photographs taken by Australian photographers Frank Hurley and Keith Jack, Shackleton: Escape from Antarctica walks in the footsteps of the expeditioners and discover what happened to these brave men and their ships.

This exhibition will run through from July - August 2018. Come and learn about Shackleton's Antarctic expedition and admire his adventurous spirit. The exhibition will be available for viewing during opening times for the Shark Bay World Heritage & Discovery Centre. Weekday 9am - 5pm and Weekends 10am - 4pm.  

Event Details

Venue: Rose de Freycinet Gallery


Contact: Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre

Organisation: Australian National Maritime Museum


Event Date(s)

  • Monday 2nd July 2018
  • Friday 31st August 2018