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Escape the mainland and discover the islands European history, natural beauty , spectacular landscapes and the Dept of Parks & Wildlife's 'Return to 1616" project turning Dirk Hartog Island into an ark for endangered animals.


Welcome to Island Life Adventures, where we invite you to dare to discover the hidden gem of Western Australia - Dirk Hartog Island. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of this remote oasis as we offer you an unforgettable journey that combines thrilling marine transfers, remarkable wildlife encounters, rustic luxury in nature, and an immersive historical experience.

Island Life Adventures specialises in curating unique eco-tours that allow you to connect with the untouched beauty and rich history of Dirk Hartog Island. We're passionate about providing you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that showcases the island's exceptional landscapes, marine life, and cultural heritage.

At Island Life Adventures, our goal is to not only provide you with an extraordinary adventure but also to foster a deep appreciation for the environment and culture that make Dirk Hartog Island a true wonder. Join us in exploring, conserving, and experiencing the magic of this World Heritage Island.

Map & Directions

Dirk Hartog Island, Shark Bay, Western Australia, 6537, Australia


Dirk Hartog Island offers a fly, drive (4WD only) or one-day boat tour option