Shell Beach


  • Shell Block Quarry 
  • 1 of 4 all shell beaches in the world

Located in the bay of L’Haridon Bight, approximately 45km from the town of Denham, Shell Beach is made up of tiny Coquina Shells also known as Hamelin Cockle Shells. They grow in the same hypersaline waters as the stromatolites in Hamelin Pool. Trillions of these tiny shells have accumulated up to 10 metres deep forming a beach stretching 120km wide. This pristine shoreline gives way to crystal clear water of the most stunning greens and blues. Close by, the shell grit quarry can be seen on the other side of the Project Eden fence, designed to keep feral animals out of the conservation area. The turn off from the Shark Bay road to Shell Beach is to the right just past this fence, if you slow down going over the fence you can hear the sound of dogs barking, used to deter cats, foxes, dogs and goats.

You can see an example of a shell block wall inside the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre. Ask for directions to the Church and Old Pearler restaurant, both made from these coquina shells.

Shell beach is easily accessible by 2 wheel drive.

Shark Bay Coaches run regular tours to Shell Beach