Stromatolites of Shark Bay



Hamelin Pool is home to the most diverse and abundant examples of living stromatolites in the world. These creatures are monuments to life on Earth over 3.5 billion years ago; a time when no other complex creatures were present on the planet.

The Stromatolites are located at Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve. A 200 metre boardwalk gives access to the stromatolites’ environment and interpretive signage helps explain all there is to know about these intriguing organisms. A short walk leads from the Old Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station out to the start of the boardwalk. When visiting the stromatolites please do the right thing and stay on the boardwalk to protect these delicate structures.

Map & Directions

Shark Bay Road, Shark Bay, WA 6537 Australia


Getting to Hamelin Pool and the stromatolites is easy. Drive the 27 kilometres of sealed road from the North West Coastal Highway and turn right at the signs for the last 5 kilometres to the Old Telegraph Station. From there it's a short walk along a formed walking track to reach the boardwalk and view the stromatolites.